Cloud Solutions and Services

Smart Cloud

AYAVIG’s SmartCloud is a suite of solutions and services that focuses on delivering secure and reliable services and solutions on our cloud platform to help organizations improve their agility, foster collaborations, ensure business continuity and achieve cost savings through optimizations. If you are looking for extra computing resources, setting up a private cloud to maximize shared resources or tapping on cloud infrastructure and services to enhance your business capabilities, Ayavig’s SmartCloud is your ideal platform.

Infrastructure As a Service

Ayavig’s Infrastructure as a Service offers enterprises highly customizable, secure, flexible and robust cloud infrastructure that is fully managed with enterprise class support. Built with award winning technologies and housed in world-class data centres, Ayavig’s Infrastructure as a Service is an ideal solution for enterprises seeking to deliver applications and services reliably from the cloud. Our subscription based model helps enterprises speed up technology adoption, lowers capital expenditures and reduce costs.

Cloud Backup

A sound business continuity plan necessitates the backup of your business data to a secondary location. If you do not have a secondary data centre or the critical mass to operate one cost effectively, Cloud Backup is the perfect solution for you. Ayavig’s Cloud Backup offers enterprises the ability to backup business data and systems directly to Ayavig’s over the internet securely and expediently. Integration with your local backup solution is simple and seamless, data replication is exceptionally efficient and fast while security is enforced at the highest levels.

Private Cloud

Ayavig’s private cloud solutions provide organizations with isolated and secure computing environments that are highly customizable for any application. Leveraging matured, proven and trusted enterprise-class technologies and strategic partnerships with global telecommunications companies, we have built a world class private cloud infrastructure that could be provisioned quickly and securely. Combined with our impeccable managed services offerings, our solutions enable our clients to run their workloads and applications without having to worry about maintenance, scalability and performance.

Vision Accomplished

Even for the most ambitious projects, we are confident that we will be able to draw up and put together the best financing options that suit your business needs

Copyright by AYAVIG IT Services. All rights reserved.

Copyright by AYAVIG IT Services. All rights reserved.