Software Development

Custom software development at Ayavig IT services is about delivering exceptional results that boosts your business value and ROI. Our collaborative approach across organizations fosters creative thinking that delivers results. Our projects reside with enterprise-level leaders in financial services, manufacturing and technology.

Development Process

Ayavig offer Custom software application development services to develop custom-made software applications that are built to fit in your environment with minimal disruption to the existing infrastructure. We get involved in end-to-end solutions development and developing intermediate solutions which binds with your system.

Ayavig uses an Agile Scrum approach, which makes us understands the changes in businesses and evolve accordingly. This allows us to adapt throughout the project, giving our clients and their projects a competitive edge.

Development and Delivery

Ayavig’s development and delivery methods ensures successful on-time and on-budget delivery of your software. We work in weekly sprints, allowing you access to a staging environment where you will perform acceptance of your continuous integration with the existing system.

Platform and Technologies

  • Php / MySQL
  • HTML5/CSS3
  • Javascript / NodeJS / Angular / Laravel etc
  • All Legacy Frameworks

Testing Services

Our testing efforts focus on

Our large team of engineers are skilled and experienced in testing the broadest range of software products across all forms and platforms. From standalone software products to platforms that support hundreds of thousands of third-party developers, we've worked on them all.

Mobile application testing

Our mobile application testing services ensure that your app runs properly across the broadest range of network and device environments. Through both manual and automated testing processes, we run tests on physical devices that match real-life conditions.

Web application testing

We deliver a full range of web application testing services. Your website is tested for bugs, security vulnerabilities and usability issues across your users' devices, operating systems and browsers.

Desktop application testing

We test your Windows, macOS or Linux applications across different computing environments to ensure they are bug-free, easy to use and secure.

Copyright by AYAVIG IT Services. All rights reserved.

Copyright by AYAVIG IT Services. All rights reserved.