Client Enterprise Solutions

“How do we recover from the recent pandemic and continue to deliver for our communities?”

Those providing essential services were already facing several challenges. Decreasing budgets. Increased regulatory compliance requirements. Aging assets. Growing demand.

The pandemic has only exacerbated these problems—and added more. Utilities need to enable remote working and monitoring to reduce risk to essential workers. They need to drive even more efficiencies to make up for lost revenue.

It’s a complex situation. One that requires an integrated response. Our Client Enterprise Solutions team—comprised of financial, IT, operations, automation, and utility experts—can help.

From machine learning to the Internet of Things, it’s never been more affordable for utilities to achieve efficiencies—fast—through digitization. But technology is only one part of a successful transformation. Our team considers your whole program—people, processes, policy, and technology—when developing affordable yet innovative solutions that work in the real world. Your world.

Whatever your utility needs, our Client Enterprise Solutions team is here to help you transform your business so you can rapidly adjust to the “new world” and emerge more resilient and sustainable. In this era of competitive and sophisticated expansion scenarios, it is crucial for organizations to look at their enterprise information security posture. In any IP network, almost every device starting from firewalls to servers generates logs of the traffic it carries, the transactions it makes and the activities it conducts. This data is vital to secure the enterprise network. But monitoring thousands of devices, where each device produces thousands of events, every second of a day can be enormous task.

An important driver of outsourcing security services is to satisfy regulative and compliance requirements and to cut back value, particularly within the current environment of highly constrained security budgets where its troublesome for organizations to defend themselves against emerging threats and simultaneously maintaining the business continuity.

Copyright by AYAVIG IT Services. All rights reserved.

Copyright by AYAVIG IT Services. All rights reserved.